10 Best High Schools in Harrow 2023

10 Best High Schools in Harrow 2023

Searching for the best high schools in Harrow? Look no further as we have researched and compiled a list of the top 10 best ones.

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Do you feel overwhelmed by all of your choices? The List of the 10 best High Schools in Harrow is Listed Below.

It is important to set the tone for the teen’s professional and career development while they are still in high school.

You should think about your teen’s specific requirements, their preferred method of instruction, and the variety of options available in Harrow before making a final decision.

Ratings and a thorough investigation into the breadth of available courses are additional necessities.

It’s important to have a dialogue with the teen about their thoughts on the school and how well it meets their needs, including whether or not the school offers enough extracurricular activities to keep up with current demands.

10 Best High Schools in Harrow
students from one of the best High Schools in Harrow.

If, after considering the aforementioned factors, the incorrect choice is selected, then nothing else will have mattered.

Since Harrow is the largest town in the London Borough of Harrow and its 149,246 residents were included in the 2011 census, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the best 10 schools in Harrow.

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10 Best High Schools in Harrow 2023

These top schools near Harrow are ranked by their School Guide Star Rating, which is 100% based on official performance data including exam results and Ofsted inspections.

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#1. Harrow High School.

Taking the first position on our helpful list of the Best High Schools in Harrow is a co-educational academy located at Gayton Road, Harrow, Greater London, HA1 2JG, England. The school officially gained academy status on August 1, 2011.

This distinguished institution, formerly known as Gayton High School and Harrow County School for Boys, has been honored with a number of prestigious national honors for its high level of service to the community (1996).

Incredible faculty and staff members always go out of their way to make new students feel at home and integrated into the school community. The students at this institution appreciate one another and strive to succeed.

This sports-focused university is well-known for its efforts to revolutionize teaching for the benefit of bright young people. It has had its unique position ever since it was founded 109 years ago.

#2. Hatch End High School.

Hatch End High School, which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18, is a close second. Headstone Lane, Harrow, HA3 6NR is the address of this establishment. Ofsted conducted a regular inspection in November 2013 and gave it a “Good” rating.

The school was founded in 1948 and now has over 1,400 pupils enrolled. It satisfies the present bare minimum requirements established by the government for student achievement and development.

As a group, students are generally kind and kind, yet they often like engaging in friendly rivalries among themselves. Those who are falling behind their friends and teammates might use this as inspiration to raise their sights and put in more effort.

Blackwell School was the original name for this secondary institution, which is considerably larger than the norm. The classrooms are friendly and supportive, and the classes are taught by professionals with years of expertise.

Teachers are constantly accessible to help kids succeed in school by providing them with extensive advice and direction.

#3. Quainton Hall School.

Located at 91 Hindes Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1RX, Quainton is a Church of England school that has served families in and around Harris for more than 120 years.

It was judged ‘Excellent’ after a recent ISI Inspection in 2020.

This co-educational school has a long-standing tradition of providing quality education for boys and girls who are lucky enough to be its students. It strives to create a safe and family-centered environment where students are encouraged to aim high.

It teaches its students a broad, challenging, and well-balanced curriculum. The school features a recently-refurbished Swimming pool and Art and Design center, Astroturf pitch, a new ICT suite, and modern classrooms.

This superb school believes that every child is special in their way and therefore freaks each one of them fairly regardless of their background.

Teachers at this school work tirelessly to imbibe good morals in the young ones so that they can grow up to be independent and ambitious adults who will always have the best interests of the community at heart.

#4. The John Lyon School.

Ranking fourth on this impressive list is a highly selective independent boys’ school in Harrow on the Hill, Greater London, England. It was founded in 1876 by the Governors of Harrow School for the education of local boys. The school is a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC).

The John Lyon School is a public school formerly known as The Lower School of John Lyon. It has approximately 100 staff and up to 600 students. The school’s motto is “May the fortune of the house stand.”

The school holds several drama productions where students are actively engaged and talents are groomed. Its amazing choir is regularly invited to sing the office of Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The school is divided into three age sections: Oldfield, Upper School, and Sixth Form. It offers Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics IGCSE, rather than the standard GCSE in these subjects.

Students are taught with a standard, government-approved curriculum that helps time challenge and stimulates the mind of the young ones.

#5. St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College.

Mount Park Avenue Roman Catholic School, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex HA1 3HX, is conveniently positioned in the center of our comprehensive list of the Best High Schools in Harrow. After a recent regular inspection, Ofsted gave it a rating of “Outstanding.”

About 1100 students between the ages of 16 and 18 and 100 faculty and staff make up the sixth form college. In 1979, it was established out of the former St. Dominic’s Independent Grammar School for Girls, which had been managed by nuns of the Dominican Order.

It is renowned for the quality of its level 3 programs, which include over 29 distinct A-level and BTEC programs designed to meet the needs of each individual student.

The campus of this coeducational institution is beautiful, with a university atmosphere that encourages students to put their whole attention on their studies and take full advantage of the college’s excellent resources.

All pupils receive full assistance from the school’s professionals in and out of the classroom. They encourage them, and they give them the greatest chance they can at making it in school.

#6. Queensmead School.

Next, there’s a secondary school for both genders that has academy status and may be found at Queens Walk, South Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 0LS, United Kingdom. There are several different sports fields and a wide variety of classes to choose from. Their slogan is “Excellence through Knowledge.”

Queensmead was founded in 1953 with the goal of providing a secure and inspiring setting in which children can flourish. The program’s ultimate goal is to make computers like iPads and Chromebooks readily available to pupils in the classroom.

Regular attendance and promptness are two qualities that are highly valued at this institution. This is done so that the children will be well-mannered when they go on to higher levels of learning.

Every student at Queensmead receives an unbiased education and is treated with respect and dignity, no matter their socioeconomic status. The institution’s superb leadership and administration is one of its many strengths. After an examination by Ofsted, it was given a “Outstanding” grade.

Right now, there are about 1,450 pupils enrolled at the school, and they tend to be respectful and academically motivated.

#7. Nower Hill High School.

Nower Hill High, a secondary academy with a sixth form, comes in at number seven on the list. George V Avenue, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 5RP, England is the address. Students can enroll at the coed high school between the ages of 11 and 18.

Originally known as Headstone School, the state academy currently has around 300 pupils in each year group, including over 400 in the Sixth form, making over 1900 pupils in the school.

The school treats the team of staff fairly, which motivates the teachers to deliver exceptional teachings that aid the students in achieving academic success. It also has a vibrant and ambitious student body that is always fighting for the rights of every student.

A lot of in-school career advancement opportunities are offered to students who wish to achieve excellence in their academics. Several extracurricular activities are held on campus to help students relieve stress and have fun. It was rated ‘Outstanding’ after an inspection by Ofsted.

The school also has on-site qualified nurses and counselors who are experts in their respective fields. Nower Hill is a happy, hardworking school where every student can achieve academic success if they work towards it.

#8. Claremont High School

As we move towards the end of this list, we take a look at Claremont High, a co-educational secondary school with rich diversity. It is located in Molteno Road, Claremont, 7708.

The larger-than-average school is home to a welcoming community where teachers and students alike are working together to establish a proud and respectful tradition. Everyone who enrolls at Claremont has the same shot at success.

The school’s stellar reputation for delivering a well-rounded education founded on rigorous coursework and interesting extracurriculars is well-earned. The breadth and depth of knowledge gained at this institution are well-documented.

Professional educators at the school work hard to be role models for the students. Each pupil is said to have a special gift from God that must be developed.

Students who graduate from this school have a track record of success in further academic endeavors. Students benefit greatly from the high quality of the school’s infrastructure.

#9. St. Gregory’s Catholic Science College.

Taking the penultimate position on this list is a co-educational Roman Catholic secondary school and sixth form located close to the border of the London Borough of Brent. It offers admission to pupils from both boroughs. It was rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted after an inspection in March 2019.

The magnificent academy runs a safe and friendly environment where excellent teachings are delivered to students. Although predominantly Roman Catholic, the school accepts pupils from other religions too.

This goes to reiterate the tolerability of this wonderful learning center. Students are taught to be responsible and independent so they can grow up to become reliable adults.

In January 2016, St. Gregory’s became an academy and is now sponsored by the All Saints’ Trust. Notable former pupils include Stephanie Fearon (actress) and Ricky German (footballer).

The mixed school currently has around 1,132 pupils and is still offering admission to students aged from 11 to 18 years. Students of this great school are well-behaved and enthusiastic about learning.

#10. Whitmore High School

To round off this exemplary list, we take a look at Whitmore High School, a mixed comprehensive school with an excellent track record of producing top-notch school leavers. It is located at Porlock Avenue, Harrow, HA2 0AD, England.

The state secondary school was judged “Outstanding” by Ofsted in 2015 for the second time. It was founded in September 1974 when the London Borough of Harrow adopted a comprehensive system of education.

It established its sixth form in 2005 as part of the borough’s “collegiate” post-16 offer. The school’s students are mostly drawn from the wider Harrow area.

At Whitmore, every student is encouraged to aim high and work tirelessly to achieve academic success. The school’s team of staff has always served as wonderful role models for the young ones.

It also has an online school that is just as efficient as the physical one. The mixed school accepts boys and girls aged from 11 to 19 years. One of the notable former pupils of this school is Dev Patel (actor).

Conclusion: Best High Schools in Harrow.

We hope that after looking through this wonderful list, you have been able to pick a few of schools that are worthy of consideration when the time comes for you to select a school for your kid.

List of 5 Best performing High Schools in Harrow

Top 5 best-performing schools in Harrow and their catchment areas in Harrow ranked by School Guide in 2022

  • Harrow School
  • JFS
  • The John Lyon School
  • Westminster Academy
  • Claremont High School

FAQs about High Schools in Harrow.

How many secondary schools are there in Harrow?

Harrow has 24 secondary schools that serve 18,018 students for the school year 2022.

Is Harrow high a good school?

A state school for boys and girls aged from 11 to 18. Ofsted: Latest Overall effectiveness Good.

Is Harrow a city or town?

Harrow (/ˈhæroʊ/) is a large town in Greater London, England, and serves as the principal settlement of the London Borough of Harrow.

What are the top-ranked boy’s only high schools in Harrow?

The top-ranked only boys’ high schools in Harrow are Salvatorian Roman Catholic College, Harrow School, and The John Lyon School.