11 Best Restaurants to Eat in Long Island City

11 Best Restaurants to Eat in Long Island City

If you are looking for where to eat in Long Island City? then we have a solution for you. In this guide, we are sharing all the information on the best restaurants to eat in Long Island City.

There is a lot of very good food in Long Island City that you should eat. In addition to having some of the best Mexican, ramen, BBQ, and burgers in the city, LIC has a lot of good neighborhood spots that are worth knowing about.

best restaurants to eat in Long Island City.

So, if you live in the area and are looking for a new place to eat brunch on the weekends, work in a big LIC office building and want to try something new for lunch, or are visiting for the first time and don’t know where to eat dinner, this guide has you covered.

Best Restaurants to Eat In Long Island City

Where To Eat in Long Island City? Here is our list of all the best restaurants to eat in Long Island City – New York.

Casa Enrique: Best Restaurants to Eat In Long Island City

1. Casa Enrique Restaurant in Long Island City

This is our favorite place in New York City to eat Mexican food. There are no fancy decorations or pistachios in the guacamole at Casa Enrique. However, the steak tacos and chile relleno are out-of-this-world good. This place is no longer a secret, so while you might still see soccer on a projector in the bar area, you’re more likely to see moms teaching their kids how to say “Michelin” and “Oaxaca.”

Adda: Best Restaurants to Eat In Long Island City

2. Adda Restaurant In Long Island City

In the eastern part of LIC, Adda is a very good Indian restaurant. On the short menu, there are some delicious curries, a few tandoori dishes, a bunch of small dishes like garlic naan and cauliflower covered in cheese, and an excellent biryani that comes with a layer of dough on top to keep all the moisture in. Everything on the menu costs less than $20. Overall, this place is great for a weeknight dinner or a casual meal with friends. Try to make a reservation, though, because there aren’t many places nearby to wait.

John Brown Smokehouse

3. John Brown Smokehouse

Even if you don’t know much about barbecue and your first thought when you hear “the bark” on a brisket is “what does a brisket tree look like?” you should still go to John Brown Smokehouse for some great BBQ.

Their burnt ends, which are also called Kansas City caviar, might be the best BBQ in the whole city.

They usually sell out by early evening, so you might want to come during the day, when you can also drink beers at picnic tables and listen to live music in the backyard.

If you don’t like drinking during the day or your job doesn’t let you leave at noon to get BBQ in Queens, you can come at any time and get the lamb sausage and rib tips if the burnt ends aren’t available.

Mu Ramen

4. Mu Ramen

Even though arguing about the best ramen in New York isn’t as likely to ruin a first date as a fight over pizza or bagels, there are still many strong opinions on the subject.

We’re not going to call you crazy if you think Mu Ramen is better than Ippudo or Ivan Ramen any day.

Here, the ramen is usually a little less fatty than elsewhere, so you can eat a lot of flavorful food without feeling awful.

This place doesn’t take reservations and only has about 20 seats, so once you’re seated, make yourself comfortable and try some of the very good small plates, like okonomiyaki.

Tournesol Restaurant

5. Tournesol Restaurant

We would have to come here for a long time before we got tired of it. The food at this dark French bistro, like duck liver terrine and mussels with french fries, is good and very cheap. The French waiters are very friendly and good at their jobs. They make jokes and keep your wine glass full while telling you about the food’s ingredients and how it was made. Both the goat cheese croquettes and the escargots, which are both under $10, are some of our favorites. This is one of our favorite places in Long Island City, whether we want a full meal or just some wine and small plates.

6. Jackson’s Restaurant

Jackson’s serves mostly southern American food in a casual corner space on the same block as the Vernon-Jackson 7 station. You can get fried chicken and waffles, and some other comfort foods, like bacon mac n cheese. Happy hour drinks and snacks are popular here, especially when they have live music. It’s also a good weekend brunch option.

7. The Inkan Restaurant to Eat In Long Island City

The Inkan has a small dining room and a separate bar area with TVs where they serve big portions of Latin American food. Both are on the same street corner. A lot of the menu is made up of Peruvian food, so there will be a lot of seafood and ceviche, but the roast chicken is their specialty. A $7.50 half chicken and some plantains should make a good meal. This is also one of the few places in the city where you can get a good pisco sour, which is best enjoyed in the restaurant’s enclosed backyard when the weather is nice.

Court Square Diner: Best Restaurants to Eat In Long Island City
Court Square Diner.

8. Court Square Diner

Every neighborhood needs a classic diner that’s open 24 hours a day, and this is that place for LIC. Court Square Diner has been in the same place near Jackson Avenue for more than 70 years, and most of the people who go there seem to be regulars.

People who probably have a favorite spot at the counter or in a booth and can just walk in and say, “I’ll have the usual.”

There are a lot of classic dishes on the huge menu, like a bowl of cereal, a turkey club, and baked meatloaf.

The staff is very nice, and it seems like they treat everyone like they’ve been there before. Even if your “usual” is a pancake or chicken parm order at 4 a.m. either.

9. Woodbines best Restaurants to Eat In Long Island City

Woodbines is a dark neighborhood bar, but it’s not the kind where people write phone numbers on the bathroom walls. You could come here with a date because they have good cocktails. But we like Woodbines best when we go with a group and can share a bunch of interesting bar food, like the lamb nachos with guacamole. They also have a long list of craft beers. Just stop your friend before he writes “Call for a good time” and your number on the bathroom wall.

10. 51st Bakery & Cafe

There are more noticeable coffee shops in Long Island City, like Sweetleaf, Toby’s Estate, and the big chains, but 51st Bakery & Cafe, which is on a small side street, is a popular place for locals to hang out. In the morning, people eat avocado toast on Balthazar bread while sitting at a shared table or on seats along the walls. The lunch choices change every day, but you can get things like chickpea smash or roast chicken on salads or baguettes.

Gordo's Cantina: Best Restaurants to Eat In Long Island City
Gordo’s Cantina.

11. Gordo’s Cantina: Best Restaurants to Eat In Long Island City

The majority of good places to eat and drink in this area are in Hunter’s Point and further south (closer to Brooklyn). On the other hand, Gordo’s Cantina is near the Queensboro Bridge. Keep this small place in mind if you want chunky guacamole, carnitas tacos, and margaritas made in-house. This is also a good place to fill up before getting drinks at the nearby Dutch Kills.