Here is What Makes the CRDB Bank App All the Rave

Here is What Makes the CRDB Bank App All the Rave

Have you heard about the CRDB Bank App?

Assume you’ve just arrived at the bank and there’s a long line forming outside its doors. To make matters worse, the sun has gone into full military mode and is shining mercilessly. 

All you wanted to do was dash in, make a withdrawal, pay some bills, and leave, but given the current situation, that seems unlikely.

You shouldn’t have to deal with this stress, especially since the CRDB Bank App can handle all of your financial needs from the comfort of your own home.

So, what is it about this app that makes it so special? Let’s take a look at some of its features below.

CRDB Bank App
CRDB Bank App

Here’s What Makes the CRDB Bank App All the Rave

Take control of your money

Like they say, “Benki ni SimBanking!”. With CRDB Bank App, it gives you full visibility of your accounts and total control over your money.  

Just imagine you can block your Tembo Card, Get insurance or Insurance premium calculator and Review you monthly, quarterly or annual statement while sitting at home.

Open a full KYC account.

Did you know that CRDB Bank App enable self-account opening? Well, with all the basic banking services available in the app, it makes the app be like a bank on its own. By downloading the enhanced Sim Banking app, anyone can open a bank account wherever they are, cost-free. 

All you need is a NIDA number and your finger print. 

Unlimited domestic transactions

Whenever you have money to spend, whether at home or abroad, the CRDB Bank App is your go-to. You can use your account to send money to friends and family. What’s the best part? It only takes a couple of seconds!

Hide balance

When making payments, especially in public, the thought of someone else seeing your account balance, aside from yourself, can be disturbing. The app’s privacy feature allows you to conceal your account balance from prying eyes, allowing you to do other things on the app without having to shield your phone screen.

Dark Mode

The bank that listen and considers the needs of it’s customers, and this app is developed entirely based on customer feedback.  Lots if people prefer using a dark mode Dark mode also reduces the emission of the harmful Blue light, which in turn reduces the strain on the eyes.

crdb sim banking app download

The above features are just a few of what makes the CRDB Bank App amazing. You can download the app to explore more of its features. One thing you need to know is that when it comes to mobile banking, CRDB Bank is the full package and more.