Top 16 Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines

Top 16 Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines

Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines – If you’re bored and want to annoy a stranger, a friend, or even the owner of a business, you might want to make a prank call.

You can make a prank call that confuses, annoys, or even angers the person on the other end of the line as long as you know that doing so could get you in trouble with the law or even land you in jail and are willing to take the chance.

Be aware that what you do could upset the person on the other end of the phone. Just follow these steps to learn how to make a prank call that works. Looking up the person’s name in a phone book is also a good idea. This will help the joke call sound more real.

Make a Prank Call Anonymous

Make the call without identifying yourself. In North America, dialing *67 before making a phone call may block your number and make it seem as a private listing for some, but not all, phone calls.

(Calls to N11 codes (where N is a number between 2 and 9), toll-free numbers, and premium-rate numbers cannot be blocked in this manner.) With a little Internet research, you may quickly discover the code that will ban your phone number in your nation.

Develop a Fake Name to Use

Make up a fictitious name and behave as though you were about to offer them a free lottery prize, a contest, or a scholarship to a great school.

Do not use a genuine accent; this may be insulting to the victim, and you may be jailed for racial prank calls, as well as a schtick or reason for phoning. Do you work as a telemarketer? Is she an ex-girlfriend? A grouchy old neighbor?

Practice What to Say Before a Prank Call

Make a list of points to assist you remember what you’re going to say. Prank calling is also a fun group activity, so if you’re making prank calls with the assistance of a buddy, you may practice with the friend until you’ve mastered it.

If possible, call a buddy on your mobile phone to practice speaking into the phone.

While practicing what you’re going to say is essential, it’s also necessary to get to know the character you’re imitating so you can go with the flow and say whatever the person on the other end of the line says.

You won’t be able to improvise if you’re too concerned about adhering to your script.

Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines
Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines

Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines.

Are you searching for ideas for prank phone numbers that really work? You don’t need to search any farther since the list has 16 of the funniest phone numbers to call in order to prank someone. These choices are often useful when you wish to avoid being bothered by someone.

1. 1-603-413-4124: Calling Santa

Have you ever considered contacting Santa months before the holiday season? This line, on the other hand, enables you to speak with the guy in charge of choosing who gets what for Christmas.

One may reach Santa by phoning 1-603-413-4124. Obviously, the phone number does not connect you to Santa, but passing it on as a joke is the best way to guarantee they never call you again.

This is also one of the finest phone numbers to use for prank calls with your pals. Make one of your friends think you have their crush’s phone number and instruct them to call Santa’s line instead.

2. Divorce hotline: (605)–475–6960

Have you recently married? Or maybe you have a married buddy. If so, here is the number to contact for a good time. It gets much more intriguing if the two had recently had problems.

You may switch a couple’s phone numbers to make one think their spouse is divorcing them.

The most interesting aspect of this number is the amusing automatic answer you will get upon dialing it. Make certain that the person dialing the number will laugh like they haven’t before they realize you’re pranking them.

Funny Numbers to Prank Call and Prank Hotlines

3. Rejection Hotline: 605-475-6968

Do you have a terrible person that keeps asking your phone number? Here’s a number that may help you sort them out. Save that for a bad night, ladies and gentlemen; it may come in useful.

4. It Could Always Be Worse: 605-475-6964

This is probably one of the greatest hotlines to call if you’re bored. On a terrible day, this phrase can either raise your spirits or lower them. You may even apply it to a complainer’s acquaintance or family.

They are unlikely to grumble after hearing the messages on the telephone.

5. 605-475-6961: Harry Potter’s contact

This one is for lovers of the Harry Potter universe. Dial this number if you want to get admitted to the renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The admissions office seems to be in South Dakota based on the first digits of the contact, but geography doesn’t seem to matter anymore, does it? The speaker on the other end of the line will provide you with directions to the famous platform 934, as well as your admittance information.

6. Sex addiction intervention: (605)-475-6972

It is one of the finest hilarious fake numbers that is classified 18+. The hotline number works wonders for those individuals who do not know how to say no to strangers. Any individual attempting to phone the number would probably learn their lesson. The robotic answer will leave them regretting bothering you.

7. Bad breath hotline: 605-475-6959

It is one of the finest 18+ rated hilarious fake numbers. For individuals who don’t know how to say no to strangers, the hotline number works like a charm. Anyone attempting to dial the number would most likely learn their lesson. They will regret bothering you because of the robotic answer.

8. Keep an idiot entertained hotline: 605-475-6962

Do you want to throw a funny, amusing punch at your annoying cousin? Allow them to call this hotline, which focuses on their intellectual levels. This prank call may seem harsh to some, but it is all in good fun.

9. Sobriety Test Hotline: 605-475-6958

This hotline is for when you are unsure whether you are drunk or sober. Of course, the fact that you are already doubting your sobriety should tell you something. You may, nonetheless, usually enlist with the help of the sobriety test hotline, and their collection of extremely logical inquiries will tell you without a doubt.

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10. (858) 651-5050: Beautiful phrases

It doesn’t get much funkier than this when it comes to random phone numbers to call. Dialing this number enables you to hear what seems to be the most well-thought-out poetry ever penned.

The voices contain a variety of sentences uttered by both female and male speakers, all of which seem very natural. The beauty of the sentences resides less in their meanings and more in the flow of words.

You’ll be astonished to discover that the phrases are known as ‘Harvard Sentences,’ and that the IEEE first used them in 1969. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

When there was a need to evaluate different kinds of noise for military communications during the war, the institution suggested these words for voice quality assessment.

11. The loser line: (206) 569-5829

Unlike the others, you may choose the message you want your victim to hear when they “call you.” You must record your voice message using this number. As the term implies, make an attempt to provoke the person you want to prank. You may even prank your spouse or a friend and see their responses.

12. Better call Saul: 505-503-4455

Do you need the finest free exhortation from a legal counsellor? Please contact Saul Goodman and Associates. This hotline is a one-stop shop for all legal matters. Saul and Associates’ audio messages provide some genuine free advice.

13. Murray Bauman: 618-625-8313

Did you able to obtain Murray Bauman’s phone number after binge-watching the whole fourth season of Stranger Things? This purposefully placed Easter egg may be a reference to Season 5. Call the hotline to find out what he has to say to Joyce Byers.

14. 605-475-6959: The bad breath notification hotline

Have you ever met someone who seems to be a perfect partner at first sight, but as soon as they open their lips and begin speaking, an incredible odor emanates from their mouth?

While it is never a good idea to be disrespectful, providing them with prank phone numbers that tell them what you cannot is the best way to proceed.

They will be routed to the foul breath notification hotline if they call 605-475-6959. While this individual was unable to get a second date with you, maybe that wake-up call was the catalyst for a permanent change in their breath.

15. Stop complaining: 605–475–6973

Some individuals complain excessively, even when it is unnecessary. In most cases, addressing someone directly about their rudeness would irritate them.

If you know someone with such a personality, urge them to call 605–475–6973. Even the most deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly dea

16. Callin’ Oates: 719-26-OATES

Lobby and Oates were a musical duo that dominated the music industry in the 1980s. You may contact our crisis hotline if you have a strong desire to recall their most memorable hits. After that, you may choose between four of their songs: Rich Girl, One on One, Maneater, and Investigators.


What is the most called phone number?

The world’s most dialed hotline, 201-867-5309, is now for sale on eBay for $2025. According to the owner, he is selling the line since it is no longer useful.

Giving someone strange phone numbers to call is one of the most amazing and easy techniques. There is no shortage of intriguing pranks to pull on someone with such a vast array of contacts available to call.

No number is untouchable as long as you do not put the people you prank in danger. Remember that this is purely for entertainment purposes only.