What is GetPaid Africa? How does it work and so much more?

What exactly is GetPaid Africa? Let’s start with what they’re not: They are not the next Freelancer.com or Upwork.

GetPaid Africa is more than just a platform for freelancers. It’s way beyond being called that.

But what is “GetPaid Africa“?

What is GetPaid Africa? How does it work?

GetPaid.Africa is a platform or a place that connects creators, artists, traders, and NFT communities in Africa with worldwide opportunities.

What is GetPaid Africa? How does it work and so much more?

What are the most important aspects of GetPaidAfrica?

  1. A place to connect creators, artists, traders, and NFT communities in Africa with worldwide opportunities
  2. A place to socialize and gain knowledge.
  3. A location to market, promote, and get paid from and to the rest of the world. Get paid via/in XLM, USDC, KES, RWF, and TZS.
  4. They offer tools, information, gigs, and lists of creators in development, design, photography, illustration, videography, and influence.

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GetpaidAfrica Wallet.

African creators and freelancers have trouble getting paid because they don’t have a way to get paid.

Getpaid Africa wallet, which operates on a stellar blockchain network, contributes to resolving this issue.

With Getpaid Africa, you can receive payments from all over the world via XLM or USDC through the wallet.

And one of Getpaid Africa’s main goals is to connect creators, freelancers, traders, and NFT communities in Africa with opportunities around the world and make it easier to send money across borders.

If you don’t have an account, click here to register one.

There is a lot more to benefit from GetPaid Africa, and this guide will help you complete your GetPaid Africa registration process and access your Stellar XLM wallet.

The wallet will help you receive your gig payments from people all over the world in either XLM or USDC coins.

What is Stellar Lumen (XLM)?

The Stellar distributed ledger, which makes it easy to move money between different types of assets, uses XLM as its currency. XLM can be used as a middleman currency when different currencies on the XLM network are being traded.

If you want to invest in crypto coins such as XLM, it’s easy with Getpaid Africa.

You can purchase Lumens directly from the Getpaid Africa platform. Or if you own lumens from other exchanges like Kraken, Binance, or Coinbase, you can transfer them to Getpaid Africa.

What is USDC?

If you don’t know about the USDC, I will explain it in simple language.

Well, USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin that lives on many of the world’s most powerful blockchains.

You can also buy, own, or make transactions with USDC on GetPaid Wallet.

Getpaid Africa Community.

Communities are places where people connect and interact to share knowledge and have discussions.

Well, with GetPaidAfrica, you can enjoy a community full of experts and creators with whom you can share and experience different people from all over the world.

GetpaidAfrica is state-of-the-art technology that connects its users with a lot of opportunities.

With the GetPaid community, people will have access to knowledge and connections. And the best part is that creators and experts will get paid to sell their skills by selling courses on the platform.