Useful Guide on How to log into PointClickCare

To access PointClickCare, you must log in using our secure login process. Logging in to Point Click Care is quick and easy and here are Instructions on logging into the Pointcare Click portal.

Check out the step-by-step about pointcare click login below.

How do I log into PointClickCare

How do I log into PointClickCare?

To access PointClick Care, you must login using our secure login process. Logging in to PointClick Care is quick and easy and can be accessed with the following supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla-Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Follow these steps to log into pointcare click login;

  • Open your internet browser.
  • Enter this web address:
  • In the Username field of the login page, type your org prefix, a period, and your username without spaces. For example: edu.amyp.
  • To ensure that the org prefix is already filled in every time you open the page, select Remember my org prefix below the Password field.
  • In the Password field, type your password. Passwords are case dependent. password1 is not the same password as Password1.
  • Click Login. The Point Click Care home page appears.

How do I reset my PointClickCare login?

Enter your pointcare click login username, we will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Note: PointClickCare can only reset your password if your organization has enabled password resets and you have a unique, valid email address entered in your user profile.

Does Point Click Care have an app?

With Companion, a mobile app, you can empower your staff with a fast and easy-to-use workflow that unifies the delivery and documentation of services and medication.

About Point Of Care Click Login

Pointcare Click Login is a powerful tool that enables healthcare providers to securely access and manage patient information from any connected device. It offers a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for healthcare professionals to quickly access and manage patient data.

The platform is designed to help healthcare providers improve patient care and satisfaction by providing access to accurate and up-to-date patient information. Pointcare Click Login is a great solution for healthcare providers and their patients, as it can help streamline workflows and reduce the amount of time needed to complete tasks.

With its secure and user-friendly interface, Pointcare Click Login is the ideal solution for healthcare providers who want to make the most of their patient data.


Can I log into PointClickCare at home?

From the Home Care web portal, you can easily create appointments, track staff schedules, manage intakes and new referrals, manage case details, and bill for services. URL: Use the same URL for all devices (laptop, computers, tablets).