Is Aldi Open On Thanksgiving Day?

Is Aldi open on Thanksgiving? Here’s everything you need to know before you head to the store for last-minute Thanksgiving essentials.

Is Aldi Open On Thanksgiving Day / Thanksgiving Table with turkey and other recipes
Is Aldi Open On Thanksgiving / Thanksgiving table with Turkey

If there’s one holiday that’s surrounded by food, it’s Thanksgiving. As much as we try to prepare in advance for the big feast, there always seems to be one or two items that don’t make it into the shopping cart, requiring a last-minute run to the grocery store.

Aldi has the lowest prices for creating a full Thanksgiving dinner, so it would be a no-brainer to want to head to the store on Thanksgiving Day for extra holiday baking essentials like butter and milk, or a couple of bottles of wine.

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Is Aldi Open On Thanksgiving Day?

What you need to know is that Aldi is closed on Thanksgiving Day. It’s actually one of just four holidays that the store is closed for.

Aldi Thanksgiving Day Hours

Aldi reopens at 9 am the day after Thanksgiving also known as Black Friday. Closing hours vary by store, but here is a general guideline: What Time does Aldi Close.

While Aldi is closed on Thanksgiving and this may be an inconvenience to some, we are very delighted the grocer values their employees enough to give them the day off to be with their families.

We hope you and your family have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!