Sevruga Menu Prices in South Africa

Sevruga Menu Prices in South Africa

The Sevruga menu offers an exquisite culinary journey through South Africa, whether you’re enjoying a gathering with friends or having a romantic dinner. The restaurant provides ample opportunities to tantalize your taste buds.

Sevruga Menu Prices in South Africa
Sevruga Restaurant


Choose from small plates like biltong and potjiekos, a traditional stew simmered in cast iron and served with pap. These African delicacies also include ostrich steak and fillet served in a red wine sauce.

Main Dishes

Indulge in classic Cape recipes such as bobotie, which is minced meat spiced with curry powder and aromatics, baked slowly until golden brown. It is served with yellow rice, pickles, and banana slices. Another option is the beef stew dombolo accompanied by steamed cabbage.

Barbecue Delights

Barbecue fanatics can look forward to juicy pork chops prepared on the open grill and sweet & spicy piri-piri prawns glazed in garlic butter.

Breathtaking Views

Apart from the delightful palette of flavors, diners can also enjoy the view of breathtaking sunsets at sea from nearby yachts.

Perfect Ambiance

The atmosphere at Sevruga makes it the perfect spot for intimate meals or entertaining family gatherings. It seamlessly combines fine dining experiences with picturesque views, providing an unforgettable experience.

Sevruga Menu Prices In South Africa

The Sevruga Menu showcases a delightful selection of meals that will transport you on a captivating culinary journey across South Africa. Whether you are gathering with loved ones or savoring a romantic dinner with your significant other, this esteemed establishment promises an exceptional experience.

With an extensive array of dishes representing various cuisines, Sevruga caters to diverse palates, featuring culinary delights ranging from the East to the West. No matter your preferences, a dish perfectly suited to your taste awaits you.

Furthermore, following your delectable feast, you have the opportunity to relish the breathtaking sunset on a luxurious yacht cruise, just a few steps away from the restaurant.

Kindly find below the Sevruga menu prices in South Africa:


Menu ItemsPrice
Oysters – Lemon and TabascoR32
Oysters – TempuraR40
Oysters – Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, CaviarR48
Duck Liver PateR82
Tomato Tarte TatinR84
Grilled Baby CalamariR86
Aranancini MozzarellaR78
Crayfish and Prawn TianR145
Double Milk Feta SaladR78
Spiced Fried Baby CalamariR86
Beef CarpaccioR92
Tricolor SaladR85
Quinoa TabboulehR85
Tuna TartareR96
Ostrich CarpaccioR96

Sushi – Assorted Sashimi

Menu ItemsPrice
Nine PiecesR175
Fifteen PiecesR250

First Course

Menu ItemsPrice
Oysters – Lemon and TabascoR32
Oysters – TempuraR40
Oysters – Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, CaviarR48
Duck Liver PateR82
Tomato Tarte TatinR84
Grilled Baby CalamariR86
Aranancini MozzarellaR78
Crayfish and Prawn TianR145
Double Milk Feta SaladR78
Spiced Fried Baby CalamariR86
Beef CarpaccioR92
Tricolor SaladR85
Quinoa TabboulehR85
Tuna TartareR96
Ostrich CarpaccioR96

Sushi – Bean Curd

Menu ItemsPrice
Creamy Prawn Salmon RosesR68
Seared TunaR68

Sushi – Nigiri

Menu ItemsPrice
Bean CurdR58


Menu ItemsPrice
Fillet and Prawn DuoR310
Asian Prawn CurryR195
Fillet and CrayfishR380

Sushi – Fashion Sandwiches

Menu ItemsPrice


Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Vol Au VentR205
Kingklip and LangoustineR330
Grilled KingklipR190
Baby CalamariR185
Norwegian SalmonR245
Sesame-seared Tuna SteakR235
Seafood and Crustacean PlateR460
The Ultimate PlateR1750
Prawn and PastaR260
Crayfish (In the Shell)SQ
Langoustine (In the Shell)R155
Tiger Giant Prawn (In the Shell)R190
Argentinian Prawn (In the Shell)R45

Sushi Special – Rice-free Sushi

Menu ItemsPrice
Volcano RollR135
Bam Bam RollR128
Red Roof RollR125
Salmon RosesR122


Menu ItemsPrice
Potato GnocchiR145
Thai Green CurryR120

Sushi Special – Elite Sushi

Menu ItemsPrice
Tokyo Rainbow RollR160
Prawn SurpriseR128
Sesame-crusted TunaR120
Vegetarian Bamboo RollR104
Spicy Prawn Reloaded RollR122
Rainbow Formula RollR158


Menu ItemsPrice
Butter Chicken CurryR145
Tandoori Ostrich FilletR195
Chicken Thai Green CurryR145

Sushi – California Rolls

Menu ItemsPrice
Spicy TunaR98
Spicy SalmonR120

Sushi Plates

Menu ItemsPrice
Green Plate – SpecialR175
Green Plate – NormalR272
White Plate – SpecialR195
White Plate – NormalR378
Red Plate – SpecialR205
Red Plate – NormalR438
Black Plate – SpecialR235
Black Plate – NormalR560
The Sevruga Plate – SpecialR280
The Sevruga Plate – NormalR440

Dim Sum

Menu ItemsPrice
Deep-fried Cha Siu Baau – Kingklip, chilli, gingerR52
Deep-fried Cha Siu Baau – Lamb, XO SauceR58
Deep-fried Cha Siu Baau – Spinach, Mushroom, ChilliR58
Deep-fried Wontons – Prawns, CorianderR74
Deep-fried Wontons – Chicken and MushroomR58
Deep-fried Wontons – Beef, Coriander, GingerR62
Deep-fried Wontons – Kingklip, Chili, Ginger, CorianderR54
Cha Siu Baau – Spinach, Mushroom, ChilliR56
Cha Siu Baau – Chicken, Chilli, Ginger, CorianderR52
Cha Siu Baau – Duck, Honey, GingerR62
Cha Siu Baau – Lamb and XO SauceR54
Cha Siu Baau – Kinglip, Chilli, Ginger, CorianderR54
Pot Stickers – Beef, Coriander, GingerR54
Pot Stickers – Duck, Honey, GingerR62
Pot Stickers – Lamb and XO SauceR54
Pot Stickers – Spicy Peanut, Chicken, CorianderR52
Japanese Shokuji – Prawn TempuraR120
Japanese Shokuji – Edamame BeansR66

Sushi – Sashimi

Menu ItemsPrice
Seven Spice TunaR88
Seared SalmonR112

Sushi Special – Sevruga Fusion Sushi

Menu ItemsPrice
Volcano RollR145
Rainbow RollsR98
Salmon RosesR98
Snow Dragon RollR156
Bam Bam RollR122
Tempura Tuna on TopR128
Firecracker RollsR104
Creamy Prawn Salmon RosesR108
Carin’s RollR138
Tuna CrunchR118
Wasabi StackR116

Sushi – Salads

Menu ItemsPrice
Seared TunaR116

Sushi – Maki

Menu ItemsPrice

Sushi – Hand Rolls

Menu ItemsPrice
Spicy TunaR70
Spicy SalmonR90
Seared TunaR76
Seared SalmonR90
Tempura PrawnR92

About Sevruga

Sevruga stands on one the most famous places in South Africa, Cape Town’s V&A. Their windows are filled with panoramic harbour views. Their position along the shores of the Atlantic allows guests to pack their itineraries with luxurious experiences available only at Sevruga. 

Sevruga Menu Best Seller

Here is the exquisite selection of Sevruga’s best-selling dishes, carefully curated to tantalize your taste buds and leave a lasting impression. These culinary masterpieces have garnered widespread acclaim and are sure to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Sevruga Signature Seafood Platter:

Indulge in an opulent feast of the finest ocean treasures, expertly prepared and elegantly presented. This bountiful platter features an array of succulent lobster, fresh oysters, prawns, mussels, and delectable calamari, all perfectly complemented by a variety of dipping sauces.

Grilled Prime Beef Fillet:

Savor the exceptional tenderness and flavor of our perfectly grilled prime beef fillet. Cooked to perfection, this succulent cut of meat is accompanied by a medley of seasonal vegetables and your choice of tantalizing sauces, ensuring a truly memorable dining experience.

Pan-Seared Norwegian Salmon:

Immerse yourself in the delicate and rich flavors of our pan-seared Norwegian salmon. Served on a bed of sautéed spinach and accompanied by a velvety lemon butter sauce, this dish offers a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that will leave you craving more.

Truffle-infused Mushroom Risotto:

Experience the culinary symphony of earthy truffle notes and creamy Arborio rice in our indulgent mushroom risotto. This vegetarian delight is expertly crafted with a medley of wild mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, and aromatic herbs, ensuring a truly satisfying dining experience.


The Gazpacho is essentially a chilled tomato soup, but there’s more to it than that. This Sevruga menu is served with garlic croutons, basil, red onions, heirloom tomatoes, and pickled cucumber.

Sevruga Gazpacho Menu

Sevruga Menu Specials

Tokyo Rainbow Roll – This menu from Sevruga features 8 pieces of Tokyo Rainbow Rolls. The rainbow rolls are made with ingredients like avo rolls, cream cheese, and salmon. The rolls are topped with caviar and tuna.

Prawn Surprise – This order features 8 pieces of Prawn Surprise. This dish is made with a number of ingredients such as caviar, spring onion, salmon, and avocado. The dish is wrapped in pieces of salmon. The dish is also topped with tempura prawns and served with chili mayo.

Sesame Crusted Tuna – This order features 6 pieces of sesame-crusted tuna. The dish uses ingredients such as roasted sesame seeds, avocado, fresh greens, and seared tuna topped with caviar.

Vegetarian Bamboo Roll – This dish features 4 pieces of vegetarian bamboo rolls. Vegetarian bamboo rolls are pieces of assorted vegetables wrapped in cucumber. This is a great dish for someone looking for a healthier option.

Spicy Prawn Reloaded Roll – This order features eight pieces of spicy prawns reloaded rolls. Each roll is made with prawn tempura and asparagus. Each roll is topped with avo and prawn. The dish is best served with mayo infused with wasabi.

Rainbow Formula Roll – This order features eight pieces of salmon-tuna California Roll. Each roll is topped with nuts to add a bit of flavour and texture to the meal. The rolls also use roasted sesame seeds, caviar, spring onion, and Japanese mayo. The meal is served with Sevruga’s special house-blend teriyaki sauce.

Sevruga Menu Delivery

Sevruga has established a good reputation among the people of Cape Town. As such, they always get a lot of customers each day. To make sure that the quality of their dishes doesn’t drop and the meals are sent out as soon as possible, they hired only the best staff members out there. The establishment makes sure that your orders arrive at your table as soon as possible. 

Talk to Sevruga South Africa Team

Looking for their contact number, email, or their social media pages where you can talk about your concerns? We have collected this information so you can communicate with them.



Contact: +27 21 421 5134





If you’re looking for great food, the Sevruga Menu has everything that you’ll want. The menu houses the best delicacies from all over the world.

You will also enjoy a fantastic view and a lovely atmosphere while you’re eating your delectable meals.

Don’t miss out! Whenever you’re in the area, be sure to stop by Sevruga Restaurant.