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I’ll be using average prices because the prices of each menu item can vary depending on the location.

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Swiss chalet menu prices in Canada
Swiss Chalet

Swiss Chalet Menu with Prices List.

Starters (Appetizers, Soups, & Salads)

1Cheese Perogies$7.49 (170 Cal)
2Chicken Spring Rolls$7.59 (160 Cal)
3Wings 5 Pieces$6.49 (550 – 610 Cal)
4Wings 10 Pieces$12.49 (551 – 670 Cal)
5Wings 15 Pieces$16.19 (552 – 670 Cal)
6Caesar Salad$5.99 (400 Cal)
7Garden Salad$5.99 (40 Cal)
8Chalet Chicken Soup Cup$4.49 (140 Cal)
9Chalet Chicken Soup Bowl$5.49 (200 Cal)

Rotisserie Chicken Dinners

1Quarter Chicken Dinner$10.99 (460 – 1150 Cal)
2Quarter Chicken Dinner (White Meat)$12.79 (500 – 1150 Cal)
3Double Leg Dinner$12.79 (960 – 1670 Cal)
4Half Chicken Dinner$14.99 (1030 – 1740 Cal)
5Chicken Pot Pie$12.99 (860 – 1610 Cal)

Chicken & Rib Combos

1⅓ Rack Side Ribs & Quarter Chicken$17.99 (690 – 1390 Cal)
2½ Rack Back Ribs & Quarter Chicken$22.99 (950 – 1650 Cal)
3½ Rack Side Ribs & Quarter Chicken$21.99 (1200 – 1870 Cal)

BBQ Ribs

1⅓ Rack BBQ Side Ribs$14.99 (690 – 1390 Cal)
2Half Rack BBQ Side Ribs$18.49 (930 – 1630 Cal)
3Full Rack BBQ Side Ribs$24.99 (1330 – 2350 Cal)
4Half Rack BBQ Back Ribs$19.49 (850 – 1370 Cal)
5Full Rack BBQ Back Ribs$26.49 (1410 – 1830 Cal)
6⅓ Rack Side Ribs & Quarter Chicken$17.99 (690 – 1390 Cal)
7½ Rack Side Ribs & Quarter Chicken$21.99 (1200 – 1870 Cal)
8½ Rack Back Ribs & Quarter Chicken$22.99 (950 – 1650 Cal)
9⅓ Rack Side Ribs & 5 Wings$20.99 (970 – 1670 Cal)
10½ Rack Back Ribs & 5 Wings$21.99 (950 – 1650 Cal)
11BBQ Side Ribs & Wings Party Pak$29.99 (1210 – 1910 Cal)
12BBQ Side Ribs & Wings Party Pak Deluxe$38.99 (1495 – 2195 Cal)
13BBQ Back Ribs & Wings Party Pak$31.99 (950 – 1650 Cal)
14BBQ Back Ribs & Wings Party Pak Deluxe$40.99 (1235 – 1935 Cal)

HandHelds, Salads & More

1Chicken Pot Pie$12.99 (860 – 1610 Cal)
2Southern Canuck$13.99 (680 – 1400 Cal)
3Rotisserie Chicken Club Wrap$12.49 (720 – 1470 Cal)
4Rotisserie Chicken on a Kaiser$12.49 (730 – 1400 Cal)
5Hot Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich$12.49 (710 – 1310 Cal)
6Caesar Salad with Chicken$14.99 (980 Cal)
7Caesar Salad – No Chicken$11.99 (610 Cal)
8Crispy Chicken Strips – 5 piece$13.99 (940 – 1650 Cal)
9Crispy Chicken Strips – 3 piece$11.99 (630 – 1340 Cal)


1Classic Poutine$10.99
2Chalet Poutine$10.99

Family & Party Oaks

1Family Pak$29.99 (500 – 1120 Cal)
2Chicken & Side Ribs Family Pak$39.99 (715 – 1355 Cal)
3Chicken & Back Ribs Family Pak$40.99 (700 – 1320 Cal)
4Chicken & Wings Family Pak$39.99 (500 – 1345 Cal)
5Deluxe Family Pak$44.99 (1020 – 1700 Cal)
6BBQ Side Ribs & Wings Party Pak$29.99 (1210 – 1910 Cal)
7BBQ Side Ribs & Wings Party Pak Deluxe$38.99 (1495 – 2195 Cal)
8BBQ Back Ribs & Wings Party Pak$31.99 (950 – 1650 Cal)
9BBQ Back Ribs & Wings Party Pak Deluxe$40.99 (1235 – 1935 Cal)

Kids Meals

1Kids Cheesy Pizza$7.99 (530 Cal)
2Kids Chicken Strips$7.99 (320 Cal)


1Apple Pie$4.25 (520 Cal)
2Pecan Pie$4.25 (850 Cal)
3Lemon Pie$4.25 (430 Cal)
4Coconut Cream Pie$4.25 (550 Cal)
5Fudge Cake$5.25 (570 Cal)
7Mini Cinnamon Sugar Donuts$6.25 (340 Cal)
82 Slices of Pie Special$7.00 (290 – 490 Cal)

Extra Sides & Sauces

1Fresh Cut Fries$2.99 (550 Cal)
2Chalet Seasoned Fresh-cut Fries$2.99
3Sweet Potato Fries$5.98 (410 Cal)
4Garden Salad$5.99 (40 Cal)
5Caesar Salad$5.99 (400 Cal)
6Garlic Green Beans$2.99 (100 Cal)
7Seasoned Rice Pilaf$2.99
8Creamy Mashed Potatoes$2.99 (200 Cal)
9Oven-Baked Potato$2.99 (420 Cal)
10Creamy Coleslaw$2.99 (200 Cal)
11Poutine$4.98 (910 Cal)


1Bubly Cherry Sparkling Water$1.59
2Bubly Lime Sparkling Water$1.59 (160 Cal)
3Pepsi$1.99 (170 Cal)
4Diet Pepsi$1.99 (0 Cal)
5Pepsi Zero Sugar$1.99 (0 Cal)
67Up$1.99 (120 Cal)
7Iced Tea$1.99
8Root Beer$1.99 (160 Cal)
9Ginger Ale$1.99 (140 Cal)
104 bottles of Pop$6.00 (0 – 1360 Cal)
112 bottles of Pop$3.50
12Montpellier$2.49 (0 Cal)
13Pure Leaf® Lemon Iced Tea$2.99 (160 Cal)
14Aquafina Water$1.89 (0 Cal)
15Pole Orange Juice$2.49 (160 Cal)
16Pole Apple Juice$2.49 (160 Cal)

Final Thoughts on Swiss chalet menu prices

One amazing this about the Swiss Chalet Menu is that there is something for every person and age group. Even your kids must not miss out on this great taste.

You can get the Kids Cheesy Pizza and the Kids Chicken Strips on the Swiss Chalet Menu. These meals have been made to suit their taste, without tampering with their health. You can get these two meals at $7.99 each.

Swiss Chalet Menu And Prices

FAQs: Swiss chalet menu prices

What $1 Meal can I get on the Swiss Chalet Menu?

Not everyone might be capable to pay $5 for a meal. Although an average American should be able to, we still have to consider who can’t. There may be different reasons for this, such as economic ones.
With $1, you might not be able to get a standard meal on the Swiss Chalet Menu except for drinks. Moving higher to $3, you can get Fries, Seasoned Rice Pilaf, and Oven-baked potato. These are the cheapest items on the Swiss Chalet menu, excluding drinks.

How do I make an order on Swiss Chalet?

This is less stressful to do. You do not need any other supervision for it if you go through this guide.
To make an order, visit the Swiss Chalet website. Proceed to make an order. You will be prompted to select your location. After doing so, the system will show you the Swiss Chalet outlets closest to you.
Select any one of them and make it your preferred pick-up location, if you want to pick your order up. It is until you do this before the prices of the menu items begin to display.
Go ahead and shop for your favorite meals. Proceed to checkout and choose your preferred payment method. You can either pay on delivery or pay using your debit card.

Is it advisable to pay for my order online?

It’s not bad to pay for your order online. Moreover, we can’t make this choice for you, that’s why you were given two options. Whichever of the options you are comfortable with, go for it.

What Poutines are available on the Swiss Chalet Menu?

There are two types of poutines on the Swiss Chalet Menu. They are the Classic Poutine and Chalet Poutine. The two types of Poutines cost $10.99 each.