About Kidigitali

About Kidigitali


We’re here to help you thrive in freelancing, Digital Marketing, and Online business. We publish articles, guides, courses, and lots more to take your freelancing and online business to the next level.

Our mission is to help you achieve three things in your life and work: FLEXIBILITY – FULFILLMENT – FREEDOM.

Kidigitali Tanzania


We’re a very small team of passionate freelancers on a mission to help you start freelancing, scale your 1-person business, and build a business that gives you ultimate freedom and happiness.

We create and Publish the best quality tutorials and content related to freelancing, Digital Marketing, Online Business, Blogging, and more!

It might be difficult to get your freelancing business going in the proper way as a freelancer. That’s why we’re here to help you along the way.

We’ll show you how to finally accomplish the work you enjoy, earn more money than you could in your 9-5 job, and start a business that makes you happy. 

We accomplish this by concentrating on three factors. FLEXIBILITY – FULFILLMENT – FREEDOM


I’m ALLY MSANGI, a Tanzania-based freelance content writer, content strategist, and blogger.
When I first began freelancing, I had no one to guide me through the process. It was
 a challenging moment for me; I was broke and spent several months attempting to secure freelancing work.
It took years of dedication and hard work for me to learn from my mistakes and establish myself as a successful freelancer. And today, I earn a living as a freelancer for some of the world’s largest firms and businesses.
I’m aware that many freelancers are currently going through a similarly distressing experience, and I’m also aware that the majority of successful freelancers hate sharing their secrets and advice with new freelancers.
I founded KIDIGITALI to share my experience and to teach other freelancers how to overcome their frustrations and earn more money online in a safe and secure manner.